Achieving Certainty

Achieving Certainty

``Money becomes your God when you don’t have any.``

Achieving Certainty is our signature service. It’s what we hang our hat on.


Our primary goal is to create an income for life for retirees and give them genuine peace of mind in retirement.


We achieve this by building clear and measurable financial pathways all the way up to retirement. The purpose of our pathways approach is to build predictable and reliable income streams so a client knows exactly how much money they have to retire on, for life.


What this means is, as a client transitions into retirement, they can see how much money they will have to live on and what their quality of life will look like, before they retire. Unfortunately, too many retirees learn this the hard way, after they’ve retired.


In other words, the power of our pathways approach is being able to look ahead (years in advance) with clarity and certainty.


Achieving Certainty does not rely on the age pension or the markets going up. Equally, it doesn’t rely on a retiree selling down his or her assets to help fund their retirement.


Achieving Certainty delivers genuine peace of mind for our clients because it addresses their two biggest concerns when preparing for retirement:

1. How much do I need? and

2. Do I have enough?

How Much Do I Need To Retire?

According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, the following table outlines what a modest and comfortable retirement looks like for a couple and a single female retiree in 2017.


Couple Single Female
Modest Comfortable Modest Comfortable
Weekly 668.45 1,150.13 465.07 837.41
Annual 34,855 59,971 24,250 43,665


Source: The Future of Retirement: Shifting Sands, published in 2017 by HSBC Holdings plc.


However, even though a retiree might know how much they need for a comfortable retirement, it’s still not enough for them to sleep easy. There’s still one more question that leaves many of them sitting bolt-up right in bed at night…

Do I Have Enough?

For many Australians, the transition into retirement is a very painful and stressful process because it’s riddled with uncertainty. The following diagram explains why…

Very simply, what the above diagram shows is that most people spend their working life earning an income (certainty) and then when they move into retirement they’re forced to manage a lump sum of money (uncertainty). Not surprisingly, they don’t know if they have enough or how long it will last.


What further accentuates this pain is that most people are taught they need to grow their assets as much as possible so they can live off the capital gain. But what happens if the markets fall and their capital gain goes with it?

The Solution – Achieving Certainty

The only way to create certainty in retirement is to create an income for life. The goal should be to have your money outlive you, rather than you outlive your money.


At Suncow, our Achieving Certainty program focuses on creating income streams. We achieve this by building clear and measurable pathways all the way up to retirement. The power of our pathways approach is that clients can measure their progress at any given time to determine if they’re on track to achieve their retirement goals.


This means clients can see exactly how much income they will have to retire on before they reach retirement. Not surprisingly, this gives them significant peace of mind.

The Reasons Why

There are 4 reasons why our clients like the Achieving Certainty program to reach their retirement goals:

1. Creating an income stream does not rely on selling assets

2. Clients can see years in advance how much income they will have to retire on

3. Clients can still apply for the age pension if necessary

4. It is a very tax effective way to build wealth

Ultimately, what Achieving Certainty means for our clients is they create a continuum of income from working life into retirement which gives them significant peace of mind. This also means their money outlives them instead of them outliving their money (of course they can blow it all if they want to!)

If Achieving Certainty is the sort of retirement you aspire too, we invite you to contact us on 02-9810 8832.