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Why The Royal Commission Into The Banks Is A Joke
“I’m so angry with you I could spit!” That was the response I received from a lady one Saturday morning after I posted a blog in April, 2016, ‘Do We Need a Royal Commission into the Banks?’. I was minding my own
What The Hell Is Bitcoin?
If I had to explain bitcoin in one sentence it would be this: bitcoin is like a wheel without a ‘hub’. It’s a peer-to-peer system where all transactions (spokes) occur between users directly without going via an intermediary such as a bank
Webinar – ‘Achieving Certainty in Uncertain Times’
Three weeks ago was exactly thirty years since the 1987 stock market crash, AKA ‘Black Monday’. Incredibly, if you look at any thirty-year chart, it’s almost impossible to see now. It’s just drifted into the distance like a dog without a name.
Are We Headed For A Market Correction?
On Tuesday morning, I attended a breakfast in the city. It was a ‘think tank’ with a bunch of stockbroker types. The invitation came off the back of last week’s Moowsletter, ‘Jumping at Shadows’. The breakfast was also conditional. Meaning, you had
Jumping at Shadows
This time twenty years ago the world was whipping itself into a gale force frenzy. We were gearing up for the new millennium. The Y2K bug (Year 2000) was looking like a genuine show stopper. The belief was computer programs storing year
Knocked Sideways
When I first heard this story break on Wednesday it was enough to suck the oxygen out of the room. And ignore the fact it involves a former sports star. You could argue that without him it may not have not got
Managing Bill Shock
In early March, I posted a Moowsletter titled, ‘What About Our Parents’. The cut and thrust of which, ‘bill shock’ (power and gas) is going to hit retiree’s harder than most beginning July 1 this year. Put simply, they have to manage
A Simple Investment Strategy
No penny drops louder than an ‘ah ha’ moment. It’s the clarity and certainty that makes all the noise. As is often the case, ‘ah ha’ moments are usually so simple you’re left wondering why on Earth you never saw them in
Why Some Accountants Don’t Give Tax Advice
Most people install a house alarm after they’ve been done over. Tax is the same. Most tax payers seek to reduce their tax when it’s too late, usually in the following financial year. A few years ago, I received a call from
What Happened to Channel Ten?
If it wasn’t for MasterChef, I wouldn’t know where to find Channel Ten on the TV remote. And I’ve tried watching the rugby but listening to their commentary is like playing naughts and crosses with myself. It’s mind numbing. Not even Sandra
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