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Why Your House Is Not An Asset
Not surprisingly, Mario feels offended when I suggest his house is not an asset. If he didn’t know me better, he would have told me exactly what he thought, expletives and all! But he trusts there must be a method behind my
The Clock and Compass Theory
I am often asked why I moved from Stockbroking into Financial Planning. In a sentence, it can be best explained by what I call ‘The Clock and Compass Theory’. Imagine this. You make a snap decision to drive from Sydney to Brisbane
The Difference Between Investments and Acquisitons
Ken and Barbie would like to build an investment portfolio and possibly reduce their tax. They have some savings but want to keep them as a buffer. Instead, they take out a line of credit against their home for $200,000 and make
If I Was A Parent
I know some things are easier said than done. And I also understand I have probably just put a big target on my back. But I want to give this idea a shot. You are most welcome to tell me what you think….especially
Why Some Accountants Don’t Give Financial Advice
Neville and Nancy have just changed accountants and they’re not happy. They don’t know if the last accountant was asleep at the wheel or if the new one is telling fibs. Neville owns a bricklaying business called ‘Bricks’n’Bits’. With shoulders like a
A Blessing In Disguise At Easter
By the time I put my feet up after dinner last Sunday night I was totally spent. Exhausted. All I wanted to do was watch some TV. I was especially looking forward to the story about John Maclean on 60 Minutes. John
The Myth of Retirement
Jack and Jill were in their mid fifties and approaching retirement. They were debt free with a bit saved away so they agreed to pull up stumps at age 60. After that it would be all downhill and they couldn’t wait. Jack
Is Gold a Good Investment?
Jacko and Gazza are best mates. Both of them are truck drivers in their late forties but with one significant difference. Jacko is quite careful with his money while Gazza is always buying something, usually some new clobber to wear to the
I Was Wrong
At the beginning of the year the Australian and US Stock Markets were beginning to look expensive and in my opinion were due for a pullback. Water always finds it’s own level but on this occasion I was wrong. Instead, momentum continued
Who is in Your will
A Will is like sunburn. Everyone forgets about it until someone decides to give it a poke. And for a short while afterwards, it’s hard to think of anything else. But if it’s a bad burn it never leaves your mind. Naturally, most people
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