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What Happened to Channel Ten?
If it wasn’t for MasterChef, I wouldn’t know where to find Channel Ten on the TV remote. And I’ve tried watching the rugby but listening to their commentary is like playing naughts and crosses with myself. It’s mind numbing. Not even Sandra
The 2017 Bouncing Budget
Our bouncing budget looks like this. Naythan and Natalee own a small new-age business but its running at a loss. They approach their accountant but he refers them to their bank to increase their credit limit. Even though their business is losing
The Will From Hell
Dave was one of the nicest blokes I have ever met. I first met him while going through the divorce of his first wife, he just needed a hand with a few bits and pieces. A few years later he remarried and
What About Our Parents?
It’s been a sensitive week. For starters, this week’s Moowsletter was supposed to be about the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ underlying housing affordability. Fortunately or unfortunately, a colleague suggested I rewrite it because he felt it might create some unnecessary headaches. I thought he
I had another Moowsletter organised for this week but right at the last minute I decided to send this out instead. I don’t know if it’s the time of year, change of seasons or something else, but I know this poem by
Why This Is One of My Favourite Books Ever
In 1960, two men made a bet. It was only $50 but thank heavens they did because hundreds of millions of children would be uplifted and entertained as a result. The first man, Bennett Cerf, was the founder of publishing firm, Random
Who’s Information Can You Really Trust?
There’s one particular fund manger around town who loves a microphone, preferably a megaphone, and if there’s a camera in front of him, all the better. For the sake of this post, I’ll call him ‘Polish’ because that’s exactly how he comes
The Fall and Rise of Woolies
Twelve months ago, The Fresh Food People were looking more like their own compost – rotten and covered in fruit flies. And according to a few fund managers around town, the stench was only just beginning to build. But none of this
The Sex and Cash Theory
About six months ago, a cafe re-opened within a few kilometres of where I’m writing this post. And even though this area needed another coffee machine like you and I need a kick in the shins, this one was an absolute sitter.
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