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Happy Christmas!
I can’t believe it’s a year ago some bloke in Auburn talked me into buying a painting I didn’t want. I was on my way home from Granville when I stopped at Good Guys to buy a bar mixer and walked out
Guilty Parents
While at Uni I worked in a pub not far from College to help pay my way. It wasn’t anything fancy, just an old fashioned boozer open to all comers from around Glebe, Redfern – mostly war vets, coppers, journo’s, washed-up and
The Fine Art Of Brotherly Love
A few years ago I got a call from a mate of mine. Nothing urgent. He just wanted to chat. It was also a phone call I will remember for a very long time to come. Growing up, all Sam wanted to
The Only Reason I Like Trump
The last time I did a long lunch was Friday, June 24. Brexit election day. I was on my way back to Sydney when I stopped in to see a mate at Camden for a bite to eat. By the time I
The Great Redeemer
As far as coaches go, there may be some as good, but none better than this bloke. I first met Craig Bellamy, coach of the Melbourne Storm rugby league team, while waiting for a ferry at Milsons Point in 2008. He was
Are You Searching In All The Right Places?
During the 1850’s, scores of people flocked to the gold fields like moths to a flame in search of their big break. Some struck it rich, most finished in ruin. Amazingly, some of the wealthiest to emerge from the goldfields were not
Super Simple
Even on a trampoline I can’t do a back-flip, let alone on terra firmer, but if I could, I’d love to do one like Treasurer Scott Morrison did yesterday. It was a ripper! After four months of unrelenting pressure from the electorate
Growing Up vs Growing Out
Theodore R. Johnson worked for the United Postal Service (UPS) and never made more than $14,000 a year, and yet, he accumulated a net worth of more than $70 million. Incredibly, what got Johnson started was when he told a friend he
Dogs of the Dow
The Dogs of the Dow is one of my all-time favourite strategies. In fact, it’s a bit like an old Labrador, unfailingly loyal and it rarely disappoints. The only problem is it’s so simple many investors quickly discard it because they believe
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