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Begin With The End In Mind
A few months ago I was watching a You Tube video of Gordon Ramsay being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel in the US. Kimmel started the interview with this… “What’s the first thing you teach your chef’s?” “We teach them how to taste”.
The Dip
If you turn a dip on its side it looks like an arrow head. One simple shift and you can turn everything around. Of course, that’s easier said than done because when things aren’t going the way you planned, everything seems to
What Does Brexit Mean?
I wasn’t going to write a Moowsletter this week because I didn’t think there was much to write about. To be honest, I still don’t, but Brexit is all the rage this weekend and most people are keen to understand two questions
Running At Space
If you watch the very best coaches (in any sport), you will notice their approach is more universal than tactical. In attack, they talk about running at ‘space’ or putting a player in the ‘gap’. In defense, they talk about denying the
Would You Like Cash With That?
Question. When was the last time you used an ATM? During the week a mate of mine asked what I thought about investing in a couple. A few years ago, ATM’s were fantastic investments. They were relatively cheap to buy (less than
What Happened To Woolies?
In the last eighteen months, the Woolworths stock price has dropped from a high of $37.74 to a recent low of $20.50. Almost 45%. Prima facie, Woolies is priced as if it’s broken, but it’s not. So why do the Fresh Food
Taking Aim at The Wrong Target
About eight years ago I met a retiree named David. A really nice guy who had been a maths teacher for forty plus years. Not surprisingly, he’d accumulated a sizeable amount in his super (or the equivalent of). When I met David,
Do We Need A Royal Commission Into The Banks?
Short answer: No. However I wouldn’t oppose one either. Let me explain. Firstly, there is a very, very, fine line between unconscionable conduct and corrupt behavior. Case in point, Comminsure. One month ago Comminsure had their brand torn to shreds by the
Money For Nothing
To be honest, I’m still in a partial state of disbelief. In case you didn’t see it, the ABC’s Four Corners program ran an investigation on Monday night called ‘Money for Nothing’. In the space of forty five minutes they shredded the
The War on Negative Gearing
Never underestimate a desperate man. Especially one with nothing to lose like Bill Shorten. Only four weeks ago, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was dropping like a stone in the polls and getting the tripe kicked out of him on the way down.
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