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How One Hour A Day Made Jerry Seinfeld Very Wealthy
By almost any measure, Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most successful comedians and writers of all time. According to Forbes magazine, Seinfeld reached his peak in earnings when he made $267 million dollars in 1998. (Yes, in one year.) 10 years
The Power of Unspoken Assumptions
AirBnB has more hotel rooms than any hotel in the world but doesn’t own one room. UberX is now the world’s biggest taxi business but doesn’t own one taxi. Quite often, one of the things that restricts our growth is what I
Why the Best Is Yet To Come
On September 1, 1939, Germany made an unprovoked attack on Poland. Two days later, Britain and France retaliated and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany. It was gloves off and guns on. World Word II (WWII) had just begun. WWII
Is Now The Time To Be Buying Gold
Jacko and Gazza are best mates. Both of them are truck drivers in their late forties but with one significant difference. Jacko is quite careful with his money while Gazza is always buying something, usually some new clobber to wear to the
The Power of Purpose
A few people have asked where The Lemon Tree went to. I decided to take it out of the Moowsletter because I felt it was too much reading for everyone. Instead, I am going to turn it into a special post at the
I Wish I Started Sooner
Everyone has a wishing well. On the surface floats our dreams, goals and ambitions but deeper down where the water starts to get a little murky, linger one or two regrets. Every wishing well is an amalgam of our past and future.
Kissing The Kids Off
What do you do? Do you go along to get along or do you run the risk of spoiling a nice lunch by broaching a sensitive subject with a very good friend? Know the one? Well, that’s the exact position I found
Can You Sleep When The Wind Blows?
A young farmhand rode into town looking for work. He could turn his hand on almost anything so he didn’t mind what was on offer. He also had a few dollars stashed away so he wasn’t desperate for money either. He just
Don’t Die With The Music Still Inside You
I reckon September is like a second birthday. Perfect weather, footy finals every weekend, and then a long weekend waiting with its arms wide open at the end of it. It’s more like a birth-month than a birthday. It’s heaven on a
The Mosquito Effect
Jane is in a funk. She owns an investment property in the Inner West of Sydney and doesn’t know if she should keep it or sell it. Life was really simple until a friend of hers began sharing some of my Moowsletters.
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