Why the name?


Suncow Wealth is representative of our two main portfolios: the Cashcow Portfolio and the Bullseye Portfolio. We also have a unique service level agreement called The Sundown Rule.


What are your fees?


Because we are a fee-for-service practice we invoice our clients according to the complexity of their plans and the outcomes desired. We do not charge commissions unless specifically requested by the client, which is rare. Your first consultation is always free of charge.


What’s the Sundown Rule?


It’s a service level agreement which promises every communication initiated by a client (phone calls and emails) will be returned by ‘sundown’ that day. It means a client can get on with their daily lives knowing their concerns are being taken care of.


What’s the Mum and Dad rule?


This rule simply says we will not recommend any product or strategy that we would not recommend to our own parents or family.


What’s the difference between the Cashcow and Bullseye portfolio?


The Cashcow Portfolio is our income portfolio and the Bullseye Portfolio is our capital gain portfolio. Both operate on a fee-for-service basis. For more information please visit the Cashcow and Bullseye Portfolio page.


Does Suncow Wealth have a specialty?


Suncow Wealth has a strong investment background with its origins in stockbroking. As such, most of our advice pieces are specifically designed for SMSF’s, retirement planning and investment strategies inside and outside super. Cashflow management and tax planning run central to all our advice.


How does Suncow Wealth differ from most other Financial Planning firms?


Suncow Wealth differs from most other planners in many ways. The biggest difference is that we are a truly independent, advice based and fee for service business with a unique service level agreement called the Sundown Rule. To read about some of our other differences including our investment approach go to Why Choose Suncow Wealth.