Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day and welcome to our first Moowsletter for 2018!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and an enjoyable break (if you took one).

By now you may have noticed the cow’s had a makeover. It’s been a few months in the making and thank heavens it’s all done. (I’d starve if I was a web designer). The main reason for the refresh was to make our signature service, ‘Achieving Certainty’, front and centre of the business. But more on that in a few weeks.

Of course, the other reason for the new site was to start promoting the Moowsletter. Speaking of which, we have some great Moowsletter’s ready to hit your screens beginning next week. Here’s a Captain Cook at what you can expect to land in your inbox very shortly:

• My Dream Holiday
• Why I Wish My Husband Never Retired
• How Much Do I Need For A Comfortable Retirement?
• Cranes In The Sky, 2018. (Has the Sydney property market topped out?)
• Will A Robot Take My Job?

Tip – if you only read one of these, make sure it’s ‘My Dream Holiday’. Here’s why: Have you ever heard a bride talk about her ‘goal wedding’ or a couple talk about their ‘goal house’? If you’re struggling to connect the dots, keep an eye out for this post. It’s a must read.

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff. Here’s a few interesting facts about Australia you might like to share with your friends when your chops aren’t filled with lamb today. (Hello, Sammy Kekovich!)

1. If anyone complains about the recent heat, tell them you can actually survive for around 9 seconds at 1000 degrees Celsius without suffering lasting injury.

2. And in case they ask, the coldest place on record is -23 degrees Celsius in Charlotte’s Pass, June 29 1994. Poor Charlotte.

3. But if they still want to complain, share this hot tip. The temperature in Marble Bar, Western Australia remained above 37.8 degrees Celsius for 159 consecutive days between October 31, 1923 and April 7 1924. Note the year, no fans, air con, nothing.

4. The heaviest train in the world is owned by BHP. It weighs 99,700 tonne when fully laden with Iron Ore. That’s equivalent to 1/60th of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

5. If any of your mates turn up to a BBQ with a Bloodhound, be warned! They’ve been known to follow a scent for over 200 km and follow tracks that are 12 days old. Reason is, they have a ‘smell centre’ the size of a handkerchief where ours is the size of a postage stamp by comparison.

6. The distance from Antarctica to Hobart is only 2000 km.

7. If you’re gardening, you should know that jumping spiders can leap up to 10 times their own body length to trap prey. That’s like a human managing to jump on a pizza box almost 20m away!

8. $800 is the cost of the world’s most expensive beer sold by Perth’s Nail Brewing in 2010. Only 30 bottles were ever sold.

9. Three (3) is the number of streets you drive on to get from Adelaide to Darwin (including 3004 km on National Highway 1). Imagine giving those directions, “…Mate, when you get to the end of the street go right, then left, and then head straight for the next 3000 km’s. Too easy!” That means you could get from Adelaide to Darwin without a GPS!

10. That milk you had on your Wheeties this morning, it might very well have contained milk from over 1000 different cows!

11. 86 is the number of world records set at Nth Sydney Olympic Pool, which in itself is a world record (86).

12. If some waxhead wants to visit every beach in Australia, it will take them 27 years if they visit one new beach per day.

So there you have it my dear friends,
Moowsletter One has reached the end.
Thanks so much for dropping by,
hopefully something caught your eye.

And if you like our fresh new look,
maybe share or like us on facebook.
But if you don’t, that’s fine too,
nothing’s more important than being true blue, to you.

May your day be golden,
and all your lights be green.
Happy Australia Day!
Twenty Eighteen.

Have a great weekend! It’s dam good to be back.


Source of Fun Facts: World of Numbers (2015), Adam Spencer

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