Multiply Your SMSF Strategies and Investment Ideas

SMSF’s can be a powerful investment vehicle for Australians to maximise their wealth and prepare for retirement. Significantly, SMSF’s allow superannuants to invest in many of the same asset choices available outside super but in a more tax effective manner. Additionally, trustees can also purchase assets using borrowed funds if they choose as well.

Suncow Wealth provides a comprehensive SMSF service including investment strategies, estate planning, insurance and the tax implications for various investment strategies available to superannuants to grow their super.

Here are some of the ways we work with our clients to grow and manage their SMSF:

  • Discover the latest investment strategies to grow your SMSF
  • How to maximise your tax free retirement income
  • How to safeguard your SMSF from taxation and estate planning issues
  • How to structure your insurances in the most tax effective way within an SMSF
  • How to use borrowing as a strategy to get extra funds into your SMSF without taking on unnecessary risk
  • How to constrict a cashflow positive investment portfolio using borrowed funds
  • How to use our Cashcow and Bullseye Portfolios to great effect and receive a constant flow of investment ideas