Property Investment

Most Australians love property. It can be a very good vehicle to create wealth with dozens of strategies available to help investors achieve their goals.


Some of the benefits of using property to create wealth include:


  • Potential for very good cash on cash returns
  • Capacity to borrow against property is usually greater than shares
  • Can be very tax effective
  • Property valuations can be enhanced through renovations and extensions
  • Financing options are many and varied
  • Can provide good rental returns and capital growth if bought in the right areas


Suncow Wealth can show you many different strategies to get started in property investment.  Using our six step process, we provide clients with a financial roadmap to show them the most cost efficient and tax effective ways to purchase an investment property. Our experience has shown that purchasing one often leads to purchasing a multiple of investment properties.


The Suncow Wealth financial roadmap covers the following areas for property investment:


  • How to maximise your cash on cash returns
  • The best way to finance a property
  • Tax minimisation
  • How to buy multiple properties
  • How to do no money down deals


What makes property so attractive to investors are the many options available to structure a deal. If you would like to discuss what options are available to you we invite you to call us on 02-9810 8832 and make an appointment for a consultation.