Self Managed Super Funds

Suncow Wealth is an SMSF specialist with a difference.


We offer an advice based and fee for service solution with a unique investment approach. Our innovative offer means our clients receive a transparent and comprehensive solution with a guaranteed level of service.


Our SMSF investment approach centres on our Cashcow and Bullseye portfolios. The Cashcow Portfolio (income) is our ‘core’ portfolio while the Bullseye Portfolio (capital gain) is our ‘optional’ portfolio. This provides clients with a good blend of income and capital gain depending on their risk profile.


Here are some of the ways we work with our clients to grow and manage their SMSF:


  • Discover the latest investment strategies to grow your SMSF
  • How to maximise your tax free retirement income
  • How to safeguard your SMSF from taxation and estate planning issues
  • How to structure your insurances in the most tax effective way within an SMSF
  • How to use borrowing as a strategy to get extra funds into your SMSF without taking on unnecessary risk
  • How to constrict a cashflow positive investment portfolio using borrowed funds


We also offer a full auditing and accounting service for SMSF’s as well.


Suncow Wealth does not use managed funds, master trusts or platforms to manage SMSF’s.


Importantly, while owning an SMSF has some significant benefits including more control, lower costs and increased tax benefits, some of the drawbacks include greater legal responsibilities and administration as a trustee. We recommend you seek advice from a licensed Financial Adviser to discuss if a SMSF is suitable for you.


We also recommend a minimum balance of $200,000 to start-up an SMSF. This is the recommended amount by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.


Different investments have different risks. A way of reducing risk is to diversify your investments. Prior to investing, it is important that you understand the concept of risk, return and diversification and how this may impact your personal situation.


To discuss your SMSF goals and objectives further we invite you to call our office to arrange an appointment.