At Suncow Wealth, we believe Superannuation is still one of the most tax effective ways to accumulate wealth. Unfortunately, since the GFC too many Australians have viewed their super as a lost cause and may regret it later on.


We view the current economic climate as one of the most opportune times to accumulate wealth inside super because the stock market is still down from its previous all time highs – despite the many ups and downs along the way with possibly more to come.


In coming years, Superannuation also has the potential to be the largest asset for many Australians, even bigger than their homes. There are a few reasons for this:


I. Increasing employer contributions

II. The ability to borrow and buy most assets

III. Lower tax rates meaning more money can be reinvested.



At Suncow Wealth we show our clients a number of different strategies to help grow their super. These may include


  • Improved asset allocation
  • A more tax effective investment strategy
  • A lower cost fund
  • Making sure they are receiving any government rebates entitled to them
  • Restructuring any insurances held inside super
  • Setting up a SMSF


If you would like to explore ways to grow your super, find out how much you need to retire on or just see if you are on the right track, then we invite you to make an appointment with Suncow Wealth and discuss your needs.