The Sundown Rule

Suncow Wealth follows a very basic ethics charter which dictates how every client will be treated and every advice piece designed. This means our service approach can always be measured. Our ethics charter consists of two rules:

1. The Mum and Dad Rule – we will not recommend any product or strategy that we would not recommend to our own family or friends.

2. The Sundown Rule – promises every communication initiated by a client (phone calls and emails) will be returned by ‘sundown’ that day. It means a client can get on with their daily lives knowing their concerns are being taken care of.

Suncow Wealth takes great pride in being different to most other financial planning firms. Following are some of the ways we differ.

Wealth Approach – we measure wealth in time rather than just assets and liabilities. This paradigm shift can often have a material difference in the type of advice we give.

Investment Approach – where possible we only use direct investments. I.e. direct shares and property. There are 3 reasons why we prefer this approach:

I. Maximise investment returns
II. Reduce costs (including taxes)
III. Pass on tax benefits such as franking credits to our clients
Inside or outside super, we find this approach to be superior to using managed funds which usually sit on another managed platform incurring more fees.

Education – many planners believe that educating their clients means giving away their ‘secrets’. We believe the opposite. Our experience shows that educating clients empowers them and delivers greater certainty. It also prevents clients from making knee jerk reactions in instances when they should otherwise do nothing.

Independent – we are not tied to any financial institution. This means our advice is shaped according to our client’s needs and not influenced by a parent company such as a bank. We believe vertical integration is a conflict of interest and any commissions or bonuses offered by investment providers are rebated back to the client.

Advice based – we are an advice based, outcomes focused practice. We do not believe that simply selling ‘product’ is providing advice. We use a specific 6 step process to identify our clients needs and then design our recommendations accordingly. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the square to provide good quality financial advice.

Fee for service – we are a genuine fee for service business providing our clients with total fee transparency. Fees are based on work provided and outcomes achieved. We do not charge clients according to the size of their assets.

Stockbroking – Suncow Wealth operates its own stockbroking facility which provides some great opportunities to share with clients. To help evaluate these opportunities we use a
combination of paid research and market consensus research. Operating our own stockbroking facility also enables us to keep costs down for all our SMSF clients.

The Suncow experience ensures every client receives an advice piece specific to their own financial situation, with a transparent fee structure and unique service level agreement. We hope this makes for a very positive and long lasting relationship for all our clients.

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