Who We Are

Suncow Wealth is a full service financial planning firm – with a difference.


Our mission is to achieve certainty for our clients in retirement.


Our typical client is fifty years of age plus and they usually have two burning questions: How much do I need to retire on and will I have enough? (Most clients don’t want to be super rich, they just want to know they’ll be ok in later life).


Suncow is a privately owned, advice based, and fee for service practice with a unique service level agreement called the Sundown Rule. Our innovative client offering means our clients receive a transparent and comprehensive advice piece with a guaranteed level of service.


Importantly, we are not tied to any financial institution. Therefore, our advice is shaped according to our client’s needs and not influenced by a parent company such as a bank.


Additionally, we do not accept rebates, commissions or volume bonuses from any investment provider. Where these are offered, we rebate them straight back to the client. This means our client’s best interests are always upheld and we deliver conflict-free advice.


Our clientele is predominantly made up of private clients and small-medium sized businesses.